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Chase Luis Foster is the

Director of Social Media Marketing and Website Design

at Foster Events Group, LLC

My good buddy and dear Christian friend Carl Foster is CEO and Founder of Foster Events Group, one of the most dynamic, trendsetting, forward thinking event promotion groups I've ever been involved with. In addition to being the most connected man in the world (he knows everybody!), Carl has been instrumental in helping promote my books and brand throughout the years. He is the King of Events. I give him my highest recommendation. If you are looking for someone to facilitate, organize, manage, promote and run your event for your non-profit, your church or your business. He does it all...everything from golf tournaments and prayer breakfasts, to full-blown national speaker conferences. Very rarely do I make such bold personal recommendations and proclamations about someone's abilities, but in this case, I do so fearlessly.

-Jack Alan Levine, Author,
Speaker, Addiction Expert
and Businessman

Who We Have Helped

     The Foster Events management team has developed and executed event fundraising programs for

a wide range of non-profit and 

business organizations; worked

as event directors; committee chairpersons; media partners; sponsorship and/or development directors as well as creating

startup events or programs to

achieve the fundraising goals.